Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water Damage - Farmington

Water damage in Farmington requires immediate cleanup. Shown here is a truck-mounted water extraction unit that SERVPRO of The Farmington Valley can dispatch 24/7 to provide water damage cleanup for our customers.

Water Damage Repair In Farmington

We can help after a water damage disaster occurs in your Farmington home. Our quick response will prevent mold growth, reduce your costs, and limit further damage. SERVPRO of The Farmington Valley has the training, equipment, and experience to restore your home in Farmington to pre-damage condition. “Like it never even happened.”

Toilet Overflow in Burlington, CT

This loss is from a toilet overflow within the home in Burlington.  These are a bit complex and can be very dangerous if the right measures or steps are not taken to fix the loss properly.  The toilet overflow can change mitigation measures depending on where the overflow or clog takes place.   Depending on if it is a clean water overflow from the tank refilling, it can make clean up easy however with this loss is from the waste line backing up or overflowing.  This requires the property be contained and cleaned with bio agents to prevent further damages.  Furthermore, the flooring needs to be disposed of to properly mitigate.  These can be very costly and inconvenient for all parties but response is always key.

Harwinton, CT Tub Overflow

This loss occurred in Harwinton, when a tub overflowed and seeped into the home.  However, since the homeowners were not home at the time of the loss, the floor was not treated thus the result is the floor damages present.  These damages could have been avoided, but as mitigation did not take place the full restoration multiplied ten-fold.  A simple treatment of the property would have gotten rid of excess water and prevent the floor from cupping or bowing.  Now the entire floor will need to be torn out and replaced.

Farmington, CT Pipe Freeze and Water Damage

This water loss occurred in Farmington, when heat was not maintained in a home during a polar vortex.  As the heat was not maintained in the home, the water freezes in place in lines, only to burst when temperatures rise again. However, in this loss it re-froze in the sink, when the line was allowed to seep over time and colder weather prevailed.   If the lines burst and are not promptly treated and repaired the damages can be catastrophic in nature.  Although not visible in the photo the mitigation would require that the property be heated again, so that melt and repairs can transpire only to do a full mitigation.  This slows the entire process down.

Granby, CT Water Leak

This loss occurred in Granby, due to a water leak on the property, likely outside of normal business hours. These are often referred to as accidental discharges, as they cannot be avoided sometimes, and often the property owner has no idea of the potential loss until it’s too late.  Plumbing line leaks are very common and can cause substantial damage to the home, and in a commercial loss can cause other issues such as business operations closing but need to mitigated properly to prevent more damages.