Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Exposed Mold in Bristol

This is exposed mold is growing in a closet in Bristol.  Most of the time a closet is dark, and likely very humid.  This closet was close to a bathroom which had been leaking for a period of time, however as it was not visibly leaking near the loss location, it was not caught until the wall adjacent had been impacted with the moisture.  Since there is minimal light and air movement, it is a part where the moisture and bacteria prosper.  As a result the closet has now become a breeding ground for mold.  All items (clothing) would need to be heavily treated and cleaned – however based off the exposure, it is likely smarter just to dispose them all together.

Extensive Mold Growth in Hartford

This mold exposure in the Hartford, is very extensive and indicative of a room or space likely left to the elements or isolated for a long period of time.   With minimal air flow and dark environment the mold is able to multiply freely.  This type of a cleanup needs to be bio-driven because the mold is so extensive it has actually warped and impacted the ceiling fan.  The humidity has allowed for the mold to overgrow much of the room and space.  As a result containment is difficult as the room would likely need to be torn down and rebuilt entirely to mitigate the entire damage.  The exposure here is so extensive that it can be hazardous for the technicians taking care of the work, but also any home inhabitants. 

Substantial Mold Growth in Bloomfield

This water occurred when a water loss was not properly mitigated (initially) and as a result, behind the trim there is substantial mold growth – in Bloomfield.  The mold was left untreated after the initial loss and now is becoming a potential danger as it is shortly going to exceed beyond the trim.  Because it was not visible behind the trim, the growth continues to grow and worsen over time.  The trim has been removed – this is the importance of proper mitigation from the onset so that the right steps are taken from the beginning. This can help prevent further mold growth.   

Mold Exposure in Plainville

This loss indicates a mold exposure that was allowed to grow and fester in Plainville.  The mold growth is so expansive and overgrown that the exposure is clearly going to impact the health and wellbeing of the occupants.  This is worsened as it is bordering on hoarding tendencies, as there is so much material to contain and dispose of.   This particular loss is bordering on biohazard clean up,  and will require substantial disposal as much of the property is going to need heavy or strong chemical agents to properly mitigate all damages.