Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Safety for All After Fire Damage in Plymouth Property

Post-fire damage at this Plymouth home, SERVPRO techs pick up debris and put them into Bull Bags for disposal. They are prepping to tarp and board up the property to keep unauthorized individuals from entering and protect the structure from the elements.

Security After Fire Damage in Canton

When fire damage occurred in this Canton property, SERVPRO technicians took fast action to secure the property and prevent any additional damages from weather or curious people. The room shows fire loss mitigation in process with the sheetrock removed and the window boarded up.

Fire Damage Repair In Farmington

We responded to a call about fire damage in Farmington. Our team responded quickly and began the restoration process. SERVPRO of The Farmington Valley has the training, specialized equipment, and fire damage experience to return the home to pre-damage condition. “Like it never even happened.”

Donation to the Burlington Volunteer Fire Department

One of our "retired" SERVPRO Green Fleet services vehicles was donated to the BVFD. The SERVPRO of The Farmington Valley can help provide valuable training for the volunteer firefighters as these First Responders can develop techniques to save passengers from burning cars. This donation was a Viking Fire Burial, our way of helping to protect the well-being and safety of our neighbors.

Canton Soot and Smoke Damage

Some fires can leave a sooty residue that settles and sticks to walls in a Canton home. In cases like this, SERPVRO crew members can carefully wipe the porous surfaces with special chemical sponges in an attempt to prevent smearing. We explain to our customers that this process seeks to preserve the sheetrock rather than having to repaint the rooms or even worse, remove the drywall material.

Avon Fire Loss

This home in Avon ravaged by fire needed a complete demolition down to the framing. Our SERVPRO FSRT crew can don PPE personal protective equipment, and begin the removal of the charred contents and building materials. We try to restore and not replace whenever possible. Our game plan can get this structure on the road to recovery.

Backdraft Fire in Wheatogue

This fire occurred in Weatogue, and is an example of a backdraft fire – these can be extremely dangerous if they are not handled by a firefighter or someone with ample training. A lot of times, these fires occur when a room is combusting and has minimal oxygen exposure, however when someone opens a door/window or opening to the room, the oxygen then begins to combust causing the gas to ignite.  As heat rises, the heat and fire immediately progress to the where there is no exposure but there is a source for ignition, hence why it spread down the hallways so rapidly. 

Kitchen Fire in New Cannaan

This fire in New Canaan, started in the kitchen, one of the most common types of fire you will find.  Most fires start with the stove or range being the source, however machine or malfunctions of the electrical systems can be at fault.  Fire spreads rapidly, however this one appears to have been caught and extinguished fairly quickly as much of the trusses and joists are still in place and do not show signs of direct physical damage – however the property will require extensive demo and clean up. Small errors like heating food while not home, or cooking with oil can lead to the damages here. 

Fire Board Up - Avon, CT

Recently, we were called to the scene to help this family secure their property within hours of a major house fire in Avon, CT. This is a necessary part of the clean-up process that prevents further damage, while keeping the property safe.

Quick on the Scene

This past summer our emergency response team arrived on the scene of a major fire in Farmington. We immediately began assisting the home owners get their lives back together in short order.