Commercial Photo Gallery

Commercial Water Damage – Farmington Warehouse

Commercial water damage at this Farmington warehouse brought operations to a halt. The property manager was anxious to protect the inventory and get the operation back up and running. SERVPRO of The Farmington Valley provides 24/7 emergency service, and we are “Faster to any size disaster.” We can dispatch a crew of industry certified technicians equipped with the proper equipment immediately. We will get you back in business quickly and professionally.

Water Loss in a Farmington Commercial Building

The water from a ruptured main flooded this office area. Since SERVPRO was immediately called, and we responded just as fast, to remove this clean Category 1 water from the flooring. Fast water extraction helps prevent mold growth or other secondary damages. Count on us; We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

West Hartford, CT Sink Overflow and Collateral Damage

This loss occurred in West Hartford, is from a sink overflow in an adjacent room.  At first glance it is not a substantial loss – however the sheer loss affected multiple rooms in a commercial property.  The damages have impacted multiple elements of the personal property as well.  The flooring and materials can be salvaged as it is clean/clear water, but it needs to be extracted and dried out properly to avoid growth or future issues from growing.  Fortunately, mitigation is not that difficult and should not take that long.  All items should be restored and brought back to normal within a few days. 

New Britain Sewer Backup

This loss occurred in New Britain, and shows a sewer back up, but add in a commercial property and this only multiplies the potential issues.  Proper procedures would require all elements are disposed of and treated properly, but it can leave the property unusable for an extended period of time.  Depending on electronic central operations are run from, it can electronic restoration as well and shut down the company operations.  Furthermore, the smell and clean up are timely and require proper care and reproach to fix.  As this is considered a Category 3 loss, or bacteria ridden water it has to be treated promptly as well or the growth can only worsen without the right mitigation. 

Property Damage in Plainville-Housing Authority

This loss took place in Plainville, when the Housing Authority that manages this property discovered damages originating in this unit.  The property owner is a hoarder, as the photos show substantial waste within the property. These losses are timely and often can take weeks, months or even years to fully mitigate.  When a loss occurs though, it can even take time to discover the origin of the loss because there is so much waste to sift through.  These types of cases can result in not only direct physical damages to the property but structural or non-visible damage that compromise safety.  They require a lot of attention to address and they are becoming more common place now. 

Unionville, CT Water Damage

This loss occurred in Unionville, when this property was impacted by an accidental discharge of water throughout the space.  The extent of the water was so bad it actually appears like the carpet is actually a different material all together.  However, once the loss occurred it likely was not discovered until the next business.  Depending on how long it was left it can also help mold begin to prosper and grow.  Commercial losses pose their own issues, but they require ample and timely response otherwise the damages can expand and grow very quickly.